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The beginner's kit

This beginner's kit will allow you to start the budget envelope method with all the materials you need, but also with personalization on the planner and for your labels.

You can find 10 colors of rigid budget planner, blue, pink, purple, black, white, marbled blue, holographic pink, holographic blue, fuchsia and multicolor.

You can also find soft transparent gold, pink and silver ones.

This beginner's kit includes 6 laminated cover pages in random colors and 6 budget trackers.

You will also find 3 easy to complete challenges, 1€ challenges, 2€ challenge and 5€ challenge and an emergency fund.

You can choose your 6 budget categories that I personalize on your envelopes in black writing. Put your categories at the end of the basket in the special order instruction box.

All trackers are in A6 format and laminated so that you can write on them, with a marker that can be erased with an eraser or alcohol so that they can be reused endlessly. You can find the black marker and other challenges or trackers on the store.

I hope this method will help you save money and manage your budget better and save money for the future.

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